Meal replacement shakes have occupied a special place in weight loss and keeping fit in recent times. Meal replacement shakes are basically protein and fiber laden liquids meant to replace unhealthy and high-calorie foods. Ideally, meal replacement shakes ought to be taken when it is not practical or possible to take low-fat meals consisting of complex carbs and proteins such as when on the go. While shakes are not supposed to replace whole food, one can technically survive on them since they contain balanced nutrition. To sum it up, a meal replacement shake is a healthier alternative to eating junk food or skipping a meal altogether.

Merits of Meal Replacement Shakes.

Some of the advantages of best meal replacement shakes for weight loss include:

  1. More practical while on the run or at work.
  2. Meal replacement shakes reduce the need to think about food during the day.
  3. Convenient.
  4. Contains a predetermined number of calories.

Best meal replacement shakes for weight loss in 2018.

While formulating a meal replacement shake yourself is a good option, purchasing one made by a manufacturer is a better option. This is because the content is laboratory formulated to suit you weight loss needs. But how do you seek out the top best meal replacement shakes for you? Well, our able research team ranked some of the 11 best meal replacement shakes for weight loss.

  1. IdealShake

The IdealShake meal replacement shake by IdealShape company wins the bragging rights as our top product of the year. IdealShake contains some pure and essential ingredients at an unbelievable price that is very budget friendly.

One of the most striking thing about how this product is manufactured is its focus on incorporating only the best ingredients without stressing on the mode of formulation. IdealShake is crafted as a raw multivitamin on steroid that is fortified with high-quality protein.

Finally, this amazing product contains moderate fiber content as well as low sugar content that ensures that its weight reduction qualities are on point.

  1. Vega One All-in-One

Grabbing the runners-up position in our list is the Vega One All-in-One. It is a robust choice that contains 100% hemp protein and hemp pea complete with a blend of green superfood concentrates. Vega One is a solid choice if you are serious about weight loss owing to its low sugar content and enhanced protein and fiber concentration.

  1. Primo Smoothie

The primo smoothie by Field Work Nutrition goes well with juice or milk and is an excellent option the athletic-minded folks out there. Featuring a clean source of carbs that consists of oats, buckwheat, chia, quinoa, and sweet potatoes, this smooth blend is severely underrated. Additionally, Primo Smoothie is fortified with turmeric, tart cherry extract and 20g of proteins per scoop.

  1. Garden of Life

If you are a vegan or just looking to fill up some deficiency in your diet then Garden of Life organic shake & meal replacement is your winning formula. This is due to their high concentration of vegetable and fruit extracts. In addition to a good dose of probiotics, Garden of life also consists of a good fiber and protein content to boot.

  1. Orgain Organic Protein

For a product that is halfway between a meal replacement and healthy protein shake, Orgain is the best natural option to keep your health going. Fortified with pure organic products such as rosemary extract, rice bran and chia seeds this amazing product is sure to boost your diet in the micronutrient department. Orgain is sweet courtesy of the stevia sweetener and also features a thick creamy texture without the addition of any dairy products.

  1. Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s Bounty packs a good serving of protein and multivitamins well as probiotics and enzymes. Just like the package says Nature’s Bounty is a complete protein & vitamin shake mix. The only downside to this product is that the enzyme and probiotics addition looks like an afterthought.

  1. Labrada Lean Body

The Labrada Lean Body is a meal replacement shake that targets people looking to boost their fitness levels. From a pretty good fiber content, adequate milk and whey protein as well as amino acids, Labrada Lean Body is great for fitness enthusiasts everywhere. This product, however, contains a relatively high sugar content and cannot be taken by people who don’t take dairy products.

  1. Fit & Lean

When it comes to the use of multiple ingredients to aid in weight loss, Fit & Lean is king. From a protein blend derived out of multiple sources, superfood powder and weight loss supplements such as garcinia cambogia, Fit & Lean has got it all. While such a wide array of nutrients may be effective in addressing weight loss issues, we feel that the product is a jack of all trades but probably master of none.

  1. GNC Total Lean Shake

Just like Nature’s Bounty meal replacement shake that we discussed above the GNC Total Lean Shake is a protein & vitamin shake mix. The protein on this product is derived from high-quality dairy products while the fiber content is satisfactory, Courtesy of using an artificial sweetener and addition of maltodextrin to ramp up it carb content, we feel that the product could have done better.

  1. Slimfast Advanced Nutrition

While the Slimfast Advanced Nutrition could be an improvement of the previous Slimfast formulae which as a terrible letdown, it still suffers from the defects that afflicted its predecessor. While the protein content is solid, the artificial flavors and caramel colors are a big letdown.

  1. Soylent

Soylent is a not only a meal replacement but also a food replacement which you can literally live on. Indeed Soylent is fortified with micronutrients that are sourced from soy enough to replace all your dietary needs. The product is however not weight loss friendly due to its extremely high sugar and carb content as well as light fiber concentration.

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