If you have been even slightly overweight even once in your entire lifetime you’ll understand the pains associated with it.

Every second person starts giving you advice on how you can lose weight, no matter how overweight they themselves are. You’ll find that your favourite clothes don’t fit and everyday you stand in front of the mirror waiting for a miracle to happen to get to the size you want.

Well, being overweight isn’t the worst thing in the world as most of us choose to believe. There is nothing wrong with being fat but it is wrong to be unhealthy. You can’t sit on the bed all day, everyday eating chips and chocolates and think that it is okay. Self love is very important but it can never come about if you don’t treat your body the way it deserves to be treated. You don’t have to be a gym freak to be healthy. All you need to do is give some time to exercise and mindful eating.

The biggest change in your diet has to come about from fruits. Ask people to give you fruit gifts instead of unhealthy junk baskets on your birthday.

Go to the supermarket and buy some fruits right now if you want to target the fat on your body. Fruits not only help in targeting belly fat but they also reduce the risk of different types on cancer and a number of other chronic diseases. Fruits also provide essential minerals and vitamins that are crucial to maintain good health and wellbeing. If going to the grocery store twice a week is not your thing you can buy fruit in bulk and freeze it. You can also opt for canned fruits, but make sure the ones you buy don’t come with added sugar, syrup and other different ingredients that make you put on calories.

Combining the given fruits along with a healthy exercise routine will help you lose a good amount of weight.

  1. Watermelons: Watermelons are low in calories but are loaded with water. This makes this treat ideal to stay hydrated and When you drink a large amount of water you stay full and at the same time hydrated. Frozen watermelon cubes with water water is the best drink you can drink to counter the summer blues.
  2. Pears: Pears are not only high in fibre but they’re are also appetite suppressants. The fibre in the pear keeps you satisfied for longer. Pears also reduce the cholesterol levels which is a great thing for heart patients.
  3. Apples: These are the world’s go to snacks because not only are they easily available, they also lack sodium and fat. This is why they can be a component of all diets that deal with weight loss. It is said that eating an apple before a meal can leave you feeling fuller.

If you see your friend making a calculated change in her lifestyle by being healthier then send her fruit by post to motivate her and to make sure that she’s not alone on the journey to reach her goals.


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