As far as cirrhosis it could lead to a variety of conditions. The chances of infections, long time heart disease or inflammation as well. Though in a majority of cases the exact cause of this disorder cannot be found out. You will find that the progress towards liver failure does appear on the lower side and it takes place in a gradual phase. There does not arise any exact cure of this disorder but if you remove the cause it can solve half the problems. If you find that the damage is not severe it could cure the liver over a period of time.


One of the main reasons of this disorder is if you are into much of alcohol. This could go on to poison all the liver cells and by this process they go on to die a natural death.

  • If there arises dead cells in your body it would go on to remove the scar tissue. This would be around the veins of the liver. If you heel the liver cells from the nodules, it could put a lot of pressure on the liver veins as well.
  • With the scarring issues you will find that if you are into too much alcohol this does occur on a large scale
  • As far as how severe the process is it would depend on how much you drink. At the same time how long you have been using alcohol would also depend. The precise quantity of alcohol that is needed to damage a liver tends to vary from one individual to another.
  • Because of genetic factors you are more prone to this disorder than others


Hepatitis could also be a cause of liver scarring. It would point to the fact that the inflammation of the liver has taken place and no fixed cause can be attributed to it. If you observe worldwide hepatitis is one of the main causes of liver scarring.

You might have heard bile as it is a substance that is produced in the liver so as to help the body with the digestion of fats. The bile is carried by the liver to the gall bladder and eventually by the bile ducts to the small intestines. If you find that the ducts become damaged the bile is known to back out and then begins to cause damage to the liver. In case of women in the age bracket of 35 to 60 years this disease is all the more common. Sometimes the chances are that the kids may be born with this disease at the time of birth.

The chances of genetic issues too have a role in the incidence of this disorder. There are diseases that go on to affect the varied levels of metabolism in the liver. There are some diseases but all of them are not a major cause of worry. Liver cirrhosis treatment cost in India till today stands to be among the lowest of all the medical tourism countries.

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