DMLT stands for Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology. It is a well-known and very popular course associated with two years of duration. Bsc mlt Course covers a vast range of fundamental technical knowledge used in the medical lab. This course has been designed for those, who want to make a career in the medical sciences field.

In India, various top class colleges and Universities are offering dmlt course. After completing this two years course, students will be given a Diploma degree. These candidates are open to transfer into Degree course for obtaining the deeper knowledge of this course in the broader spectrum. Candidates can be provided with an opportunity to a great and rewarding career in various top-notch hospitals, health care departments, laboratories, assistant professors to name a few.


Medical laboratory technicians perform a vital role in order to prevent and diagnose the disease including diabetes, AIDS, and cancer. They work under the guidance of a physician, medical technologist or lab manager and execute their works by performing laboratory tests and examinations on different specimens.
Their performed tests help doctors to verify the underlying causes of the diseases and thus, they can make medical decisions, determine treatment alternatives, etc. The medical lab technicians may achieve their specialization in the following fields amongst others:

* Microbiology
* Immunology
* Blood banking
* Haematology
* Cyto-technology
* Molecular biology
* Clinical chemistry

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates, wishing to set their career as a medical laboratory technician, should fulfil the following DMLT criteria:
* Students have to pass 10+2 or its equivalent examination with three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. At least 45% score is needed.
* Candidates must pass 10+2 along with Medical Laboratory Technology and they should belong to vocational ground. Minimum 45% is mandatory to have.
Various Colleges along with the Universities may have their own selection criteria. You can get the detailed information from the education counsellors.

DMLT Course is considered as Clinical Laboratory Science. This particular course develops the candidates for the vital lab examination. Through this course, candidates are able to handle various types of lab equipment. Lab technicians perform their tests by examining many cell matters and liquids of the human beings.
Candidates may receive the job role as a Technician in various Nursing homes, Diagnostic Labs, and Blood banks.


* The candidates must possess the problem-solving skills.
* They should be well equipped with communication skills because they have to convey and receive their thoughts from various patients and departmental employees as well.
* They should be able to work with a team in the respective lab department.
* They should tolerate the work pressure.

Course Details

The science background candidates can apply for this course if they have fulfilled the eligibility criteria. The course duration is minimum 2 years and maximum 4 years.
If you want to choose this field as a career, then do not forget to check the overall course material, fees structure, universities & colleges, application process along with other important factors. You can check the overall information through various popular academic websites and take help from experts as well.

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